Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

111 E. Wacker, Day 1

With Block 37 under construction, the main Loop Pedway is sort of cut into two equal parts. This is disruptive, because forces you to ride the L down to Jackson if you really want to stay inside the system and avoid the weather. While these halves remain essentially divided, it seems that a new leader in Pedway luxury has taken over.

The self-contained network of walkways east of Michigan Avenue connects buildings like the SwissĂ´tel Chicago and the Illinois Center. I entered this Pedway through a concrete entrance marked "Columbus Plaza."

This east side Pedway spans about 4 blocks underground, and includes several side paths to explore. It will probably take me a few more trips before I really know my way around.

Tokyo Lunch Box was my choice for food while exploring. Their street address is listed as 111 E. Wacker, but I think I was somewhere to the east-southeast of this point on the map I had with me. I went with an avocado sushi and soda combo, and it ended up being a great lunch for less than $5.

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