Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Monday, July 23, 2007

111 E. Wacker, Day 2

This was my second trip to the Pedway system serving the Metra lines and towers east of Michigan Avenue. I entered at 111 E. Wacker, poked around and rode a few escalators. Over on this side of town it's almost impossible to tell where any particular building ends. There's all kinds of glass and light, and before you know it you are at 233 N. Michigan.

The new Hannah's Bretzel location is over here, and I stopped for a sandwich. Unlike the shop on the west side, this location has lots of seating and 4 side dish options. Plus I was in the Pedway, which made the whole experience really thrilling.

After lunch I ended up in the Randolph Street Metra Station, but couldn't find a way to get from there to the Metra Millennium Station without being exposed to outside air.

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