Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DQ contest in the pedway

I thought that there was a Dairy Queen in the Pedway, but Google Maps has no Loop restaurant listed. Over at Dairy Queen's website, I found that the location is thriving underground at 69 W. Washington Street. And then this DQ camera contest link caught my eye. Perfect! I'll head right over!

The guards hanging out downstairs got upset as soon as I took my first shot, and one was acting like he wanted to confiscate my camera. They didn't care about the "Freeze, Click, Win" contest at all. Luckily, my first picture was a good one, and I was able to get evidence that the pedway DQ is still in operation and is still selling the June 2007 Blizzard of the Month in mid-July.

I added this DQ location to my Google Map, since it doesn't show up on Google's official map.


jP said...

I didn't see your pic at the official site, but i found this one


jP said...