Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Khyber Pass, 233 E. Wacker Dr.

This is the Khyber Pass grand opening sign that is next to the Columbus Plaza Pedway entrance. Maybe I missed it the last time I entered the Pedway here, but this time there was a guy handing out $2 off coupons.

I headed downstairs and checked out the buffet. The location has only been open for 3 weeks, but I got the sense that many of the office workers seated near me were repeat customers. The buffet had the dishes you would expect-- about a dozen total. A basket of naan and plate of tandoori chicken were waiting for me when I returned from my first trip to the line. I enjoyed my meal, and everyone was very friendly.

So the Pedway now has a $10 Indian lunch buffet! Dinner is served as well, and I saw a large bar with Killian's and Goose Island on tap. The grand opening is exciting news, and big development for those of us leading the "Pedway Lifestyle."


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