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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Macy's Basement Closure

The Marketplace food court in the basement of the Macy's State Street store was closed today after Health Department officials identified several critical code violations. I arrived on the scene just before the usual lunchtime rush.

Velvet ropes surrounded the food court and Starbucks, and signs redirected customers to the 7th floor eateries. The air was humid and smelled strongly of bleach. It looked like a full crew was scrubbing the space, and I noticed a team of people with clipboards overseeing the work.

The adjacent InField's bar and grill was unaffected by the closure. An employee stood at the entrance to the dining room ready to answer questions, and patrons were happily eating inside.

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YOINK! said...

its great that your always on the scene. what I like about undergroundchicago.com is that your alway looking out for the little guy.