Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Caffe RoM

Caffe RoM in the Prudential Building never leapt out at me as a lunch spot before, but I stopped today for a sandwich and coffee. The people in there were on top of things. Ahead of me in line was a guy mispronouncing his sandwich selection; he was corrected. All of the baristas are dressed up as Blackshirts for some reason. I had to act all casual and use my secret backup camera just to document my lunch.

This was one of the 8 or so sandwich types on display. I ordered it and it was good. The ingredients were very crisp, and the coffee was outstanding.

Caffe RoM is pedway accessible and located at 180 N. Stetson Avenue. You will see it as you begin to walk underground between the Prudential Building and the AON Center.

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