Exploring the Chicago Pedway.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Cheapest Alcohol in the Chicago Pedway

A 60% off sale in the basement of Macy's brings us the new leader in cost-effective pedway drinking-- Frango Liqueur gift sets! At a cost of only $7, this set is good for at least 11 strong cocktails. Both 'double chocolate' and 'mint chocolate' are included, so you can even mix up some Frango 50/50's.

Frango 50/50

1 oz Frango double chocolate liqueur
1 oz Frango mint chocolate liqueur

This is a sample of what the rest of the hard liquor looks like in the basement of Macy's. You might not notice this section, which is inside the wine area on the north end of the store. I'm not sure about the prices, but it's hard to be choosy in the pedway.

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